Sequencing in Sibelius, Sonar and other software

Working with sequencers and notation programs* which have the possibility of drawing velocity curves is a pre for this library. You will find this option in Overture (which also is a decent host program itself, made by Geniesoft) and of course the big sequencers like a.o. Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Studio One a.o..

Also the renowned Sibelius has, besides a standard automatic translation of dynamic and articulation signs, a rather basic procedure in this context of tweaking this parameter in their "live playback" option.

* Please send us a message if you would like to see your favorite software mentioned here!

Duration of notes

Very often a guitar piece has a melody line, bass line and some accompaniment, for example the famous Romance Anonyme.
It might be sensible to have at least three layers: voices or channels in this case. We'll explain why. See the example here below. Click on the image for a better view.

To accomplish a high level of reality you should be aware of the proper duration of your notes. Generally it doesn't make sense to insert a Pedal Down controller (CC64), simply because a guitar doesn't have any pedal. The effect wil be very artificial. So in many circumstances you'll have to adapt durations in an intelligent way (manually).

This could result in more "layers" : staves or voices when you use notation software, because all information in one stave or voice is just not clear while working on your project. The triplet notes in the accompaniment have a duration of a quarter note actually, so this part should have two voices or layers itself. So we have here one stave for the melody, one for the accompaniment and one for the bass notes in this example. It could have been done with only two staves, but then you will need two voices in your notation software.

Herebelow you'll find two examples of the implementation of chord patches.

In this first example it is easy to see how down and up strokes are made: from a root note (down stroke) and one octave higher (up stroke).
It is highly recommended to experiment yourself with velocity settings of the down and up strokes: usually it is good to have a difference of about 20 between them.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Herebelow chords - patches and their root notes, so you will know which note to use for a specific chord.

Click on the image to enlarge.


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