Use this classical guitar plugin for your favorite kinds of acoustical music: classical, pop, jazz, flamenco, bossa, film scoring.

Authentic Guitar 3 contains all basic sounds and articulations as 'normal', dolce, metallico, first position, espressivo. With all patches polyphony has been implemented for buiding chords, glissando with more fingers etc..
But there is more to know.

Writing a contemporary piece for guitar, or do you need a specific sound? You won't be disappointed with the quantity of special effects!
For an impressive full overview of these library please click here.

More features

  • Superabundance of basic articulations (dolce, staccato etc.)

  • Avoiding machine-gun effect in main patches by Random Round Robin technique

  • Many effects and unusual articulations

  • Fine, musical portamento

  • Special flamenco techniques and sounds

  • Possibility of constructing any strummed chord (with the special "1 string stroke" patch)

  • Sits very well in any mix

Instrument used:
Paulinho Bernabe, Spain, Madrid, "1A-India", built in 1991
top: solid German Spruce; backsides: solid Indian Rosewood; finish: French Polish

Authentic Guitar 3 is about 700Mb, thanks to a clever patch construction.

No plethora of different mics. The sense of distance can be handled with the included convolution IR or with special software like VSL MIR, Spat etc..

only € 59