Authentic Guitar 3

A top virtual concert guitar

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A first class classical concert guitar built in 1991 by Paulinho Bernabe (Madrid) was used to produce this first class plugin made with samples in pristine 24 Bit quality called Authentic Guitar. Recorded with the best equipment suited for classical guitar this library gives the user all possible tools for a premium virtual classical guitar.

Authentic Guitar 2 is not the product when you are merely looking for a simple nylon string down-up stroke sound. It is the most elaborate, like-real sounding virtual guitar that you will find on the market. It is incomparable with all other products, just by at least one essential difference: is sounds like a first class concert guitar on a level that is just unimaginable. Only give your ears the chance to listen at the convincing demo's and conclude that there is no better classical guitar mock-up possible. And no...........we didn't hire a live guitarist for these demo's.

Musesamples wants to sell this product in a transparent and honest way. So you are able to listen at some tracks without added EQ or reverb. But also you can enjoy which results can be achieved with clever and often simple mastering.


  • Beautiful tone and overall warm natural sound
  • Versatile timbres
  • Ease of use
  • Patch change user defined (CC1, Program change or keyswitch)
  • Velocity layering in main patches
  • Frequent Round Robin sampling
  • Very short loading time
  • More than 40 different sounds/techniques
  • Natural sustain in all samples
  • Patch change with modwheel
  • Great espressivo playing
  • Polyphonic playing in all patches (also glissando)
  • Loads in one midi channel (basic setting)
  • 32 and 64 bit version (also loads in VE Pro/MIR)

Click here for a comparison between old and new version.

".......I listended to the demos. It sounds amazingly natural. The best Concert Guitar I ever heard......."
Best Service crew



Use this classical guitar plugin for your favourite kinds of acoustical music: classical, pop, jazz, flamenco, bossa, film scoring.

Authentic Guitar 2 contains all basic sounds and articulations as 'normal', dolce, metallico, first position, espressivo. With all patches polyphony has been implemented for buiding chords, glissando with more fingers etc..
But there is more to know.

More than 40 different techniques

Almost any imaginable articulation or sound type had to be involved. This is where this specific library comes in now, after months of painstaking recording and editing. Authentic Guitar 2 offers you more than 40 different techniques in 89 patches!

More features

  • Superabundance of basic articulations (dolce, staccato etc.)
  • Many effects and unusual articulations
  • Superb portamento
  • Special flamenco techniques and sounds
  • Possibility of constructing any strummed chord
  • Sits very well in any mix
  • Avoiding machine-gun effect in main patches by Random Round Robin technique

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